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Have you lodged an insurance claim?

If you have lodged a insurance claim for a damaged device your insurer will require a written insurance report including a quote on repairing or replacing your device.

We can provide a written report for any and all of your damaged devices with all the information that your insurer requires. Anything from accidental damage to to a power surge, our reports include detailed a descriptions of the condition of the device and a quote on repairing or replacing the device.

Our insurance report fee is including in all reports which is reimbursed by your insurer. (where applicable by your insurer)

For a insurance assessment and report on your device we don't require an appointment we have technicians on hand instore to help you book in your device for assessment and report.

Are you a school or government department?

For schools and government departments, we can provide insurance reports for any of your damaged devices. Just give us a call.

Why use us to assess you Apple devices?

We are a Apple Authorised Reseller and Service Provider which means we only use genuine parts. All work preformed on your Apple devices is using genuine parts which ensures the condition of your repaired Apple devices is restored to its original condition. If your device is beyond repair we can replace your device with a genuine equivalent replacement.

What devices do we assess?

We can provide a insurance report for any of your devices, from your home desktop to your enterprise server. We also provide insurance reports on all your portable devices including your laptop, iPad/tablet, iPhone and your Mac.  Got an Apple device? We can provide an Apple insurance report.

Have you got something you aren't sure we can assess contact us and we will be happy to help!

Please visit our FAQ page for details on what you need to do before bringing in your device for repair.