Windows 10 is Coming!

Windows 10 brings together the security and recovery options of Windows 8, as well as the App Store for the modern era of computing. It also brings back the missing conveniences of Windows 7 such as the start menu and a single interface. Microsoft also has grander plans for this release for Windows as it begins to replace the operating systems of mobile phones and Xbox One.

Microsoft are so sure they are getting the mix right that they are offering a free upgrade to all windows 7 and 8 users up to 12 months from release. Those who upgrade in this time will not need to pay for windows 10 on their existing PC, ever.

Why bother?

Believe it or not, Windows 8 was a great operating system. It introduced better security and more recovery options designed for a world moving to the cloud. But yes, we heard all the complaints, the interface was downright confusing. Microsoft heard this too and Windows 8.1 was a direct response to those complaints. Windows 10 has gone even further and is designed to work the way you do, on a desktop, a tablet or even a phone.

When is it available?

July 29 is the official date, this is based in America so there may be a time difference. Initially it will only be available as a digital download, with purchasable media coming later.

Should you upgrade?

We have been using and testing the preview version of Windows 10, we even got it working on a Mac! Like every version of Windows before it, it looks very different. There is the period of mixed emotions when you first use it and learn to navigate the options. After that it really becomes fun to tweak the layout just how you want it. If you are a Windows 8 user then you should upgrade without hesitation. The baseline system is virtually the same but gives you the user features you wanted back. Windows 7 users can take a little more time to decide because they already have an interface they know and love. The important thing to check is that your devices and programs support windows 8, if they do then they will also work on windows 10.

Considerations for Business users…

Businesses should wait and see. Check with your software vendors and hardware manufacturers that they have also tested, and will support, Windows 10 first.

How to prepare

You may have noticed a Windows icon near the time on your task bar. Clicking on that will give you the option to reserve your free copy. That app does little more than show some tutorials for now. Closer to July 29 it will start downloading  sections of the update in the background so you can upgrade right away. Make sure you have enough data quota for a 4GB download. If you are on a mobile broadband connection you may not want to reserve your upgrade and wait for other options to become available.

Like all major upgrades we recommend you back up your important data first. Read our other blog here for a new backup option we now have available.

Not everyone will have the option to reserve the upgrade, but almost all will be able to upgrade with some assistance. Rest assured we will be on hand in store to help you upgrade or setup a backup, so that you don't have to go it alone.